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4",6",8",10 Submersible Pumps - General Data

Typical applications:
Water Supply And Irrigation System
Lowering Underground Water Level Booster
Various Industrial Applications


Working conditions
Solid Grain-or-fiber-free Dilute Clean Non-corrosive Liquids;
Maximum Liquid Temperature:20
Maximum Working Pressure:30 Bar


Scope of application

This Series Is Applicable To Circulation And Pressurizing Of The Clean Water And Softened Water; This Series Is Made From Stainless Steel 304 And Has Good Corrosion Resistance For Conveying Cold Water Containing Small Amount Of Oxides. It Is Also Used For Conveying Slightly Alkaline Water And De-mineralized Water. Pump Made From Stainless Steel 316 And Fluorine Rubber Is Applicable To Conveying Highly Corrosive Liquid


Curve conditions

The Curve Tolerance Complies With Iso9906 Shown In Attachment A.
All curves are based on the measured values of 3 380V, 50Hz,2850r/min.
All measurements are carried out with gas-free water of temperature 20. The curve is applicable to kinematical viscosity
2 1mm /s. In case density of the liquid conveyed by the pump is higher than that of water, it is necessary to use cirresoibdubing
motor of higher output power. The coarse part of the curve means the recommended performance scope. The performance curve includes loss caused by stop valve etc.


Performance curve

Q/H curve means flow-rate and the curve of lifting height under the rated rotating speed.

Power curve: P2 means input power of each grade

Efficiency curve: eta means the grade efficiency of the pump


4 Submersible: water filled Franklin Electric motor , water filled USR canned motor or rewindable oil bath USR motor.

Cable:1.5 metres