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XBD Vertical Multistage Fire-figthing Pump - General Data


Model XBD series vertical multistage fire-fighting pump is manufactured with foreign advanced technology. Its main flow passage components
are made of stainless steel, therefore the pump can run for a long time without forming rust, thus the maintenance cost for preventing rust can be
greatly decreased. Besides, it adopts cartridge mechanical seal featuring reliable use and convenient maintenance. Its impeller and guide vane
are made of 304 stainless steel plate with punching and welding process, characterized by smooth running, low noise, compact structure,
smaller occupying area, good appearance,convenient installation, corrosion-resistant, long maintenance cycle and long service life. This product is manufactured strictly in accordance with GB6245-1998" performance requirements and test methods of fire pumps".



The pump is mainly used for water supply in the fixed fire proof system of industrial and civil high rises (extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler
system, water spray injector system, and fire pressure stabilizing system); but also applicable to water supply of municipal works, industrial and
mining enterprises, boiler system, condensed liquid system, water treatment system, filtering systemand cleaning system.

Operating Conditions

Medium: non-flammable and non-explosive liquid containing no solid granules and fibers. Liquid Temperature: Normal temperature. Ambient temperature: Max. 40 C.

Definition of Model

A model consists of four parts, i.e. code of pump character, code of driving device, key parametres,and self-defined item by the manufacturer, see as